The Fabulous Imports

The Fabulous Imports is one of Indy's premier party bands that brings dancing, laughs, and crowd interaction to every event. This experienced group of life-long musicians has been together for nearly 20 years, so they definitely enjoy playing together...and it shows!

When the FabImps are having a blast performing, it is always contagious!  It usually leads to folks from the crowd playing or singing on-stage with the band.... the mystery is who the guest artists from your group will be!

The Imports are perfectly suited for wedding receptions and corporate events because your family or team members can get involved with the music!  Many of our clients have raved about their fantastic memories of the bridegroom playing drums or their company vice-president singing backup vocals on stage!  The possibilities are endless!  The band's MC, Johnny Dollar, will introduce your bridal party with flair or make the announcements to move your party agenda along... whatever you need.

Come see the band, forget about your worries, and experience the fun of just letting it all go for a few hours.

Drink, Dance, Have some fun...... We will.

There are no upcoming events right now.